Pengikut Setia Saya ♥

Boy :)

Hey Boy♥ Please remember this lesson ! A girl wont cry easily . Accept in front of the person who she love the most ,she becomes weak ! A girl wont cry easily ,only when she love youu the most ,she put down her ego :) Guys , if girl cries bcoz of youu , please hold her hand firmly , she's the one who would stay with you for the rest of your life :) if a girl cries bcoz of youu , please dont give her up . Myb bcoz of you decision , you ruin her life . When she cries , rite infront of youu & bcoz of youu , look into her eyes♥ Can youu feel & see the pain & hurt dhe's feeling . Think ! Which other girl have cried with pure sincerity in front of youu & bcoz of youu? She's cries not bcoz she weak * Not bcoz she want sympathy or pity . She's cries bcoz crying silently is no longer possible , the pain hurt & agony have become to big a burden to be kept insides :) Guys , please do think bout it . If a girl cries her heart out to you & all because of youu .