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Hello Blogger

FATIN NABILAH :) Seremban . smk seri AMPANGAN. treat me nicely and i will treat you nice to yeahh darlaa :) love me as i am not what you want me to be and the most important thing is dont make me apart of you , if i cant be yours everything :D I got a kiss under the bleachers hoping that nobody looks :) lips like liquorish , tongue like candy * YUMMY (!) excuse me dude but can I get you out your panties ? hahaha your kiss is like whiskey . it get me drunk and I wake up in the morning with taste of your tongue . on the back of the car . on the way to the bar , I got you on my list at the foot of the stairs with my fingers in your hair auwww baby , this is it yeaahh :) I won’t ever get enough once I gets a little touch . if I had it my way , you know that I'd make you say well my first kiss went a little like this , I said no more sailors and no more soldiers with your name in a heart